About Linden

inden Street School is a CARES community of learners where we care for ourselves, each other and our school. 
Our school CARES expectations: Cooperation, Attitude, Respect, Empathy and Safety. On a daily basis students and staff model respect and manners to all. A Town Meeting is held on a monthly basis to teach and reinforce essential characteristics of a CARES scholar.  This year we continue to foster positive choices and actions through our PBIS System (Positive Behavior Intervention Support). To celebrate all of this learning and success, we have:
  •  Shout outs
  • Yellow tickets earned individually to spend at the school store
  • Green tickets earned as a class
  • Golden Lindy Shout Outs (class earns 25 green tickets and has a special activity/celebration)
  • Student of the Month
  • Positive Principal Visits
  • Awesome school store
  • Special privileges
  • Fun Day Monday
A number of family activities are held during the school year to encourage parental involvement and foster positive parenting skills. These activities include:
  • Math and Science nights
  • Technology workshops
  • Guest speakers
  • Book fairs
  • Reading incentives (including read-in nights and family fun nights)
Our PTO meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7 PM in the media center. We also hosted the district wide Summer School for students who needed extra support in math and reading to help them maintain and increase their skills. Further lines of communication and collaboration include:
  • Newsletters                                                  
  • Emails
  • Phone calls
  • School Messenger Phone System
  • Conferences (twice)
  • Report cards (three times)
  • Classroom progress reports
  • Daycheckers
  • Meetings, as needed

The Student Support Center provides students with the strategies necessary to develop positive skills in the area of friendship, conflict resolution, problem solving and prevention of bullying behavior. The school psychologist, social worker and the town youth advisor also offer weekly “lunch bunches” that assist student’s in acquiring positive social skills. We embrace the lessons learned from Second Step (a social skills program) and Steps to Respect (a tolerance program). Our fifth graders participate in the DARE program and also meet with a select group of high school students to encourage positive peer relations in the HOPE (Helping Our Peers Excel) program. Additionally, our children are explicitly taught expectations throughout the school at the beginning of the year and reinforced/practiced after each vacation. Linden is so very fortunate to be involved in Reading Buddies with employees of General Electric, a well-developed Mentoring program, and a tutoring program. Lastly, our school is involved in a grant funded positive play, research based program titled Play2Learn.

We are proud of our positive school climate where parents and teachers work as partners to help our children develop the necessary skills
to be life-long learners and productive citizens in a global society. We are supported by “state of the art” technology with a computer lab, classroom computers and Smart Boards in every classroom connecting us daily to the greater world. Our curriculum is aligned with the Common Core State Standards for College and Career Readiness...therefore our children are developing skills for attending college and/or working in fulfilling jobs. Our scholars are engaged in Reader's Workshop, Writer's Workshop, Science, Social Studies, Fundations (phonics program), Spelling, Handwriting, EnVisions Math and off-campus learning in the form of field trips!
   The partnership between home and school is an integral goal of Linden Street School’s mission. We offer numerous programs that strengthen this relationship: 
  • The Plainville Family Resource Network, funded by a grant from the State Department of Education, is based at Linden and offers day and evening groups for children from birth to five. Parents and/or grandparents bring their children to participate in interactive playgroups. The staff acts as role models for the adults, demonstrating activities to assist parents in developing play and literacy skills. 
  • Each family receives a calendar with all activities and events sponsored by our many organizations.  
  • Each teacher in the building is a part of our Linden website. Teachers update their website showcasing student work, posting homework assignments and providing tips for parents. 
  • A member of the Board of Education attends all of our PTO meetings to act as a liaison between the board and the parents.

   EARLY Links is a program that we host for families of children who will be attending kindergarten the following year. The students and their families attend three sessions to assist them with becoming acquainted with our school, share best reading practices for home, and disseminate all necessary information. The children’s favorite session is the “bus ride” during which all children have an opportunity to ride the bus prior to the start of school. A district parent advisory committee, consisting of the Presidents of the PTO’s, meets regularly with the superintendent to discuss concerns and offer opinions. We are also fortunate to have a staff who are able to assist our families in times of need, offer advice and make referrals to local agencies as needed.