A Message From Principal Eshoo

Dear Linden Street Scholars and Families,
    Linden Street School is the home of scholars and friends. We believe that CARES is the key to success in school/life. Cooperation, Positive Attitude, Respect, Empathy and Safety makes it possible to celebrate each other...reaching our potential. Our school is a busy place, abuzz with children reading, writing, doing math, experimenting, socializing, learning about the world around them and making appropriate choices. Our Linden children are capable of solving problems, listening attentively, participating actively  and working diligently. 
        Through our doors come mathematicians, authors, athletes, musicians, researchers, readers, scientists, historians, artists, and more! Our job is to provide opportunities for our scholars to develop their talents, build on their strengths and teach tools for successful life in a global society. Teachers differentiate for children every day....especially during reading and math. This is because scholars participate in learning stations that focus on skill areas the children need. For instance, after the enVisions math lesson video, children will rotate through small group instruction with the teacher for support or re-teaching, a game that reinforces the math skill, independent practice of the work, and computer or iPAD use to encourage automaticity of math skills! During reading, after a mini strategy lesson, children may rotate through stations such as reading independently or with a partner, receiving small group or guided reading instruction, practicing decoding or phonics skills, and using the computer for RAZ Kids!  Our children build stamina for being engaged in text. Writer's Workshop has differentiated instruction built into the program, with scholar choice in writing, using the skill that was introduced. 

     Opportunities at Linden includes things like Student Council, Safety Patrol, Social Skill Groups, Recess, After School Programming, Enrichment in the Academic Arts classes, PAW Patrol, 4th and 5th Grade Band, Chorus, Guitar, Book Clubs, Evening Events, Banking, Monthly Math Madness, Reading Incentives, Spirit Days, Poster Contests, Recycling and PBIS. Positive Behavioral Supports make it fun to make good choices and contribute to our learning community.

Linden is a great place to be.....learn, take risks, grow and achieve! LINDY CARES and SO DO WE! Our scholars are the BEST!