Staff Directory

  • To contact a staff member by phone, please call Linden Street School at 860-793-3270.

Principal Ms. Paula Eshoo
Office Professional                                              Mrs. Sheri Boudewyns
School Year Office Professional                          Mrs. Susan McGough
School Year Office Professional Mrs. Gina Leonetti

Support Staff
Nurse  860-793-3273 Ms. Alisa Belenchia
Social Worker  Mrs. Julie Garceau 
Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO) Linden PTO
Plainville Family Resource Network Mrs. Donna Cavallaro

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Classroom Teachers
Mrs. Nicole Baker
Ms. Amanda Vanasse
Ms. Michaela Moore                  
Ms. Joanna Kacprzyk
Ms. Christina Carrier
Ms. Amanda Lynch
Mrs. Shannon Bakaysa
First Grade
Ms. Karen Dinsmore
Ms. Olga Grabowska
Ms. Lynsey Martin
Ms. Christine Mazzarella
Second Grade
Mrs. Joan Carey 
Ms. Melissa Dodenhoff
Mrs. Jill Mullins
Third Grade
Mrs. Susanne Bajek
Ms. Meg Scanlan
Mrs. Kerry Craft
Fourth Grade
Ms. Courtney Buccilli
Mrs. Monika Morley
Mrs. Sandy Walker
Fifth Grade
Mrs. Cristine Bravado
Ms. Sarah Baker
Mr. James Galloway

Academic Arts Teachers
Art Mrs. Barbara Friedman
Instrumental Music                                       Mr. Michael Boncimino
Library Information Teacher                        Mrs. Alyssa Lombardo
Music                                      Ms. Marilyn Brendel 
Physical Education  Mrs. Melissa Patterson 

Specialists/Resource Staff
Head Teacher
K-5 Literacy Resource Teacher
Ms. Melissa Tynik
K-5 Literacy Resource Teacher Ms. Tahlya Stevenson
ABA Behavior Specialist Mrs. Christina Kiley
ABA Behavior Specialist
Mrs. Charissa Zbikowski
Behavior Technician Mr. Jeffrey Girard
Behavior Technician Mrs. Sharon Fishbein
Behavior TechnicianMs. Ashly Anziano  
Developmental Resource Teacher Mrs. Melissa Mazurek
Kindergarten Tutor Mrs. Sue Smizer
Open Choice Tutor  Ms. Kate Ponte 
Literacy Tutor Ms. Deidre Nolan
Literacy Tutor Mrs. Anne Grosse 
Literacy Tutor Mrs. Donna Mousch 
Literacy Tutor Mrs. Jill Geuser
Numeracy Tutor  Ms. Emily Cyr
Numeracy Tutor Ms. Claire Consonni
Numeracy Tutor  Ms. Anita Santa Maria 

Occupational Therapy Mrs. Melissa Dominick
Physical Therapy Ms. Sheryl Hart
Special Education Resource Teacher/Connections Ms. Taryn Ricci
Special Education Resource Teacher Mrs. Bernadette Knowles 
Special Education Resource Teacher  Mrs. Heather Nye 
Special Education Resource Teacher
Ms. Susan Tarascio

Speech/Language Ms. Kelly Annino
Speech/Language Ms. Amy Dalena

Wellness Specialist Mrs. Michelle Fanguillo
Wellness Assistant Ms. Natalia Kryla
Wellness Assistant Ms. Melissa Zawacki